Monday, 25 July 2011

Tell Me Why... I don’t like Mondays!

How many times have you dreaded going into work?  I mean really dreaded it to the point that it plays on your mind, ruins your weekend, makes you wake up early and consider all sorts of desperate excuses not to go in?

I’m sure it’s happened to most of us, if not all.
Now think of the reasons why you’ve felt like this.  I bet for most of you, it’s because of someone who you will have to face in the workplace.  Perhaps it’s a colleague, your boss, a subordinate (do they still use that term?) or the person that delivers the mail.  But SOMEONE is making your life unbearable.  And how do these feelings affect your performance, your attendance record, your health, you relationships with other people that aren’t even connected to your workplace – like your friends and family?
Work-related stress is horrible; more so when the stress is caused by the actions or attitude of someone else (or maybe a group of people).  It doesn’t even need to be direct bullying.  It could be subtle.  It may be that this person’s moral compass is so way-off your own that they don’t even need to speak with you to bring about this effect.  And consider this, maybe they’re unaware of the affect that their very being has on your state of mind.  It’s feasible don’t you think?

So, given that it’s possible that such a person may well be unaware of the effects of their actions, isn’t it possible that YOU could provoke the same feelings in others?
Are you quite sure that you are the approachable person that you may think you are?  That you don’t cause someone’s stomach to turn-over whenever you’re anywhere near their personal space.  That you’re not the indirect cause of someone rowing with their partner over the weekend or when they’ve arrived home from work?  That your actions didn’t cause someone to miss their child’s school play or football game?  That your behaviour isn’t the real reason that someone who would be otherwise considered as a talented asset is now leaving the Company because of YOU?
It never harms us to be introspective at times.  Never assume that your good looks, charm and witty personality fit with everyone.  Seek feedback, not only on your performance but with how you come across.  You may even be surprised!
Wishing you every success in all that you do,



  1. Hi Keith,
    Very good Monday read! Just posted why I love Mondays on my blog today. All of those reasons above works for why I don't do Mondays:)

  2. We own 100% of what we allow to stay in between our ears. When I worked in corporate, the only time I dreaded going to work was when I enjoyed the night before a little too much. Monday's are truly a day of awareness. When one is aware, clarity follows then comes focus. Reviewing your appointments, marketing activities if you are a small business owner, your goals, etc. ensures that awareness continues. I truly enjoy every day and especially Monday's as they through my own beliefs (attitudes) set the tone for the rest of the week.
    Leanne Hoagland-Smith
    Increase Sales Coach
    Author of Be the Red jacket

  3. I've got to admit that toward the end of my career as a clinical psychologist at a state hospital, I definitely did not anticipate Mondays with any relish. Instead of spending the majority of my time with my patients as I had done my first twenty years, my last ten years were spent working more with the patients' charts than with the patients themselves. Definitely a downer! Now that I'm an author, I LOVE Mondays!

  4. Hi Keith,

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  5. Great perspective, love it!

  6. Hi Keith, I actually shared this on my Facebook! I know alot of us often feel our leadership style is the best! But yes, maybe we are causing people to go home complaining to their spouse and having their evening ruined, just like ours so often is ruined by our emplployees!

  7. Love the post Keith!!!

    It is a twist to what I expected. Thinking about who we urk is not necessarily fun but indeed necessary. Thanks for making me question how annoying I just might be to my co-workers!

  8. Hi Keith, thanks for the perspective on Mondays. Cannot wait to read your take on Fridays!

  9. Hello and Thank You to everyone that has contributed to this discussion.

    @Clara: I can see why you would love Mondays! Hopefully I will too pretty soon!

    @Leanne: Ah Yes! I remember those days well! As a former small business owner each day tended to merge into another - with the slight exception of Sundays - when I couldn't get hold of anyone.

    @Sandra: You and Clara appear to be kindred spirits. As I said, I will hopefully soon be joining your clan :)

    @Mike: Sorry you're having trouble. I'll consider a different font size next time.

    @Tannis: I'm a big fan of what you write. Thanks for directing your FB friends to this blog.

    @Jermaine: Another excellent blogger! Always a pleasure to read your material. Always inspirational.

    @BottaBoom: You won't be too surprised to learn that I love Fridays!

    Thanks again everyone and to those of you who passed by without leaving a comment.

    Wishing you all every success in all that you do.


  10. Keith-you bring up some great points and it is magnified in this economy. People stay on their jobs because there are few position open for them to apply for. It makes the stress even worse.