Monday, 13 June 2011

When Change can be as Good as a Rest

I attended my Mother in Law’s funeral last Friday.  It was a small, predictably sad affair with about 30 to 40 people in attendance.  After the Service, all of the guests came over to our house where we’d provided food and drink for all to help themselves.  As I mingled in and out of the small groups of people ensuring they all had food or something to drink I noticed how quickly their discussions had moved-on from what was the reason for the gathering to other things that were affecting their daily lives;  the weather, work, health, holidays; all those sorts of things.  It struck me how rapidly the matter in-hand; ie the life and demise of my Mother in Law appeared almost inconsequential.  I know that it wasn’t but, if an ‘outsider’ had just dropped by my house they would have been forgiven for not realising that it was a wake in process as it appeared more like a tea party.  It made me think.  It’s a cliché I know but life is short; so short that you’re almost forgotten as soon as you’ve departed. 
Now of course, I didn’t expect wailing and acts of self flagellation by the bereaved, but I guess it’s pretty much the same the world over.  Some will be of the opinion that we move on to a better place – so there’s really no need for sadness.  Others will just celebrate life and leave it at that.  But as I said, it did make me think, life IS TOO short!
And what will most of those who attended the funeral be doing next week?  Will the experience change anything for them?  Will they be at all motivated to seize the opportunities that we all have?  Or will they return to doing all the same things that they were moaning about; the weather, work, health, holidays, those sorts of things?
Opportunities come and go.  Most are probably lost or missed and we don’t take them for a number of reasons but mainly it’s because seizing an opportunity will undoubtedly lead to change.  And it’s having to commit to make that change that renders us immobile.  So why are we so resistant to improving our lives?  Fear of failure perhaps?  Too comfortable with what we’re doing?  Comfortable doing those things that make us unhappy so that we can all tell each other how much work and life sucks whenever we get the opportunity at a social gathering.
Review your opportunities before it’s too late.  Because, life is too short and because change can be as good as a rest.
With best wishes in all that you do,